My Acne Journey with DRX


I wanted to talk about this for a while now... Solving our Acne problem for beauty... especially for those seeking acne treatment before your wedding day. (Note that this is not a paid advertisement)

The point of this article is to assist those who have Acne issues. Similar to many girls, we always like to do extensive research before deciding on the skin clinic to go to. Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down your options.

Abit of history
I've lived with acne since primary 6 or secondary 1 in Hong Kong. I remembered the first acne product that I used was from a brand called (Thursday Tea Tree range). My acne wasn't the big pus-filled type but are many small pimples, filling up my face making them red and giving my face a burning sensation.

My mum & dad always said that the pimples will disappear when I grow older. Now I'm 25 years old, BUT am still suffering from acne problem.

Long story short, DRx was introduced to me by my Singaporean friend where her face has been completely cleared after she visited the clinic for afew months(less than 5 months). She was prescribed antibiotic for the first month and used their whole range of products. So I decided to give a try.

The Clinic looks professional, with nicely designed facilities and well-trained staff. I already made an appointment with Doctor, but was told to wait awhile which shows how popular the Clinic is. Later on, one of the staff brought me to the doctor's room. The doctor was friendly and very patient. I paid $500 plus for the first set of medication and consultation. The doctor prescribed me with one month of DOXYCYLINE 100MG & SPIRONOLACTONE BP 25MG (2 tablets of each a day) and a whole range of their products.









15 Feb 2016 was my second visited to DrX. My skin wasn't cleared yet and am still with quite a lot of pimples too. BUT there are some improvement in comparison to the first session. The same doctor prescribed me with the same medicine (2 tablets of each a day) and i need to replenish the Rozex gel and the acne spot lotion.

In addition, the staff will bring you to another room to take photos on your face with different angles for each session. So that you can compare the results clearly.

15 March 2016, was my third session. Doctor said that the result of my face was lower than her expectation and suggested me to continue the medication for 1 more month, but she decreased the dose to 1 tablet of each a day.

16 April 2016, this was my fourth session to DrX. Doctor suggested me to continue the medication and told me that it may come back if I stop now. Actually I felt that i had no choice, because I needed to have a better skin condition for my wedding. :(
I stopped the medicine on 18 May 2016. My face was 99% clear from acne and only left huge amounts of scar. I felt quite satisfied and i can at least cover the scars using good coverage foundation plus concealer.

Few weeks later, small pimples started coming out on my cheek area and the situation kept getting worse. Yes, it means the pimples will come back once I stopped the medication. And I am still using their whole range of skin care products. Leading me to assume that the skin care products does not work as well as the medication which i have stopped. Where i've eventually stopped using these products ever since.


The point is that whether a product works or not does not fully depend on the companies' reputation. I feel that it really depends on your skin's affinity with the product like my friend's skin who was completely cured by DrX. Lastly, if you want to get rid of your Acne problem start early and never leave it too late to find what is suitable for your skin.

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